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She Is More Contributor

Mallory Hagan

Hey Hey Hey!

Welcome back to my blog (?!).... it's been...a while...

It's been a year. 

Sorry about that! :P

Anyway! This weekend I'm thrilled to be headed to Minnesota and speaking about women's issues at the Tri-County Women's Day Out. I recently signed on to be a contributor for the online women's magazine, She is More, founded by Miss USA 2009 and model/writer, Kristen Dalton Wolfe. I figured since I am adding to and rearranging some of my speech this week, I would share the first piece I did for her growing website. 

I absolutely love She is More and have truly missed writing, so I look forward to this growing partnership. I know it will inspire me to blog more, too. A two for one! 

Six Tips to Becoming a Boss Public Speaker... 

Be back soon! 

Mal Pal