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Mallory Hagan is a keynote speaker on topics ranging from Child Sexual Abuse and Women's Health, to Bullying and Personal Branding. 


"He [Scott Paterno] said he contacted Stop It Now! after reading that Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2013, had worked with the organization to highlight child sexual abuse awareness."

1. BODY POSITIVE: Health and Happiness

Publicly attacked by peers and the media for weight gain, it is Mallory's mission to discuss how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle, love your body and how to practice self-forgiveness. 

2.  STOP IT NOW: Child Sexual Abuse

Sharing her family story of child sexual abuse, Mallory discusses the problems child abuse can cause, the impacts on society and how prevention is possible.

3. BRANDING: Personal and Professional

Mallory has a degree in Advertising, Marketing and Communications from The Fashion Institute of Technology and began a personal branding business, Define, LLC. She shares her expertise on positioning your innate strengths online, in the company, or in a classroom. 

4. BULLYING: Turning Bystanders in to Up-standers

From childhood to adulthood, Mallory often finds herself in the position of "up-stander." In her presentation, she highlights the importance of the peer ally, respect for others and conflict resolution


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"I learned from you that no matter what, I am perfect. No matter what I look like, I am me. And that's all that matters. Being myself is the most beautiful thing that I can be. And I am VERY grateful for that. I am grateful that I have always had someone to look to as a positive inspiration."

 -Abby Freeman, 9th Grade